Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Popular Celebrity Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can not only help girls add volume and length, but add color and change styles too. As we all know, celebrities attend parties with new styles, and every style is different. To reach the effect and damage-free their own hair, hair extensions with good quality, such as human hair extensions become their favourite options.

human hair extensions in different colors

1. Side-swept wavy hairstyles
    This style is for a sexy look. Brush your hair into one side and style your hair with a little amount of spray. Your hair is made into big wavy, and the perfect length is shoulder-length. here is a suggestion for you, and that is making your hair into loose. It will create a better feeling. 

long side-swept wavy hairstyles for celebrity
celebrity side-swept wavy hairstyles

2. Blunt-cut fringe
    Blunt-cut fringe hair style creates a sweet and cute impression. A low ponytail with blunt-cut fringe is for a cute and girlish look, and a loose wavy hair cut with blunt-cut fringe will have a lovely image for others when you are having a date.

a low ponytail hairstyle with blunt-cut fringe
a lovely and sweet hairstyle with a blunt-cut fringe
3. Middle-part
   Middle-part hairstyle is a perfect choice for girls with round faces, because it can make faces look long. A hairstyle with a middle-part will create a clean and skilful look.

long hairstyles with middle-part
Long celebrity hairstyle with middle-part

4. Shoulder-length Hairstyles
    Shoulder-length hairstyles are for a clean look. If you want to have a clean, and cute look, shoulder-length     hair style is a good choice. Shoulder-length hairstyles will help you have a fashionable look too.
shoulder-length hairstyles for a cute and sweet look
shoulder-length celebrity hairstyles
The hairstyles above, all of them can be made with the help of hair extensions. For celebrities, they will not consider the prices too much. For us, common people,  cheap hair extensions with sound quality is what we need.

For shoulder-length hair style, 14 inches extensions such as usw150, 152 is enough for us.


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