Saturday, October 20, 2012

Melbourne Vintage Wedding Ideas

Preface: Melbourne, Australia, may be a wedding resort for various people. If you got a chance, how will you prepare you Melbourne wedding? This article will set as the clue.
 We’re pretty fond of this Australian wedding sent over by none other than the stellar Tim Coulson. Emma and James wanted their wedding day (after 8 long years!) to be a day of warmth and fun, and it seems pretty clear they achieved that goal. One idea we particularly love: handing off over-sized balloons to the flower girls in lieu of bouquets or baskets.
 From the bride, Emma: James and I met in an Irish pub while we were both living in Amsterdam. Eight years later on my birthday, James wrote me the most special birthday card ever. He asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! We both agreed that we didn’t want to wait too long for the big day, so we got straight to work and started planning, making, collecting and creating. We both loved the whole process. The main goal was to have a day that really reflected us as a couple and was a warm, fun celebration of our love and commitment to each other. vintage-wedding-photography melbourne-vintage-wedding-gowns  
 We’ve been city people the whole of our relationship so far, so it felt right to have a city wedding. The FitzroyTown Hall was the second venue we looked at and we both knew it was perfect. The history and the architecture drew us in and really set the theme for the day. I had my dress made in America by Stephanie James Couture. I was after a dress with a vintage feel, but also felt a bit like a party dress. I had to be able to dance in it! I also needed shoes that didn’t make me feel like a giant next to James, so I designed them myself on the Shoes of Prey website, which was so much fun. Anton’s was recommended to James and the shop was an experience in itself! He had so much fun choosing a suit that absolutely fit all his criteria, especially the one about it not being like his work suits! melbourne-vintage-wedding085 We were so excited to have so many special people travel to Melbourne for the big day. We decided it would be fun to all travel to the venue together and one of our clearest and favorite memories from the day was that bus trip. After a very relaxing girly morning with my family and flowergirls, I saw James for the first time. I’ll never forget the feeling as I walked towards James standing on the back of the old London double decker bus, with everyone watching out the windows. The atmosphere on the bus was buzzing with excitement and it’s definitely one of our favorite parts of the day! vintage-table-cards melbourne-vintage-wedding-table-decorations wedding-reception-ideas cocktail-party-wedding wedding-reception-food vintage-wedding-cakes 
 The decor was a collaborative effort. We wanted a colour to be a feature, rather than have a colour theme as such. The amazing Rebecca from Canary Jane’s Flowers was super excited about the colour theme and the flowers reflected that. The napkins were an idea I had. I thought it would be a fun project for Mum and I to do together. We got them cut out and realised it was a bigger job than we bargained for in the time we had, so we ended up getting them sewn locally. I’m so glad we did it though because everyone took them home as a keepsake. I’ve seen them in suit pockets and heard of them already being reused at friend’s houses! The candy buffet was a very popular spot on the night. A few times I realised there were more adults filling their lolly bags than there were standing at the bar!
  melbourne-vintage-wedding121melbourne-vintage-wedding126 melbourne-vintage-wedding139melbourne-vintage-wedding-photography 
 If I had one piece of advice to couples planning a wedding, it would be to really think about who you are as people and what’s important to you, bundle it all together and add the people you love. You can’t lose!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jennifer Aniston’s Engagement Ring- From Celebrities' Wedding Ring To Learn the Wedding Rings Trend 2013

Jennifer Aniston, the famous Hollywood girl, has just engaged with his boy friend Justin Theroux in August after they dating for more than a year, but the wedding ring keep as a mystery for a long time. But recently, she finally revealed her diamond ring – a super gorgeous one with a diamond at least 10 carats. Sounds really amazing.

Wedding is the whole-life dream for most girls. Owning a brilliant and luxurious wedding ring may also make girl fall in a great fever. So if you are planning for your wedding ceremony and have difficulty in choosing the wedding ring, why not look at those celebrities, those fashion setters would no doubt provide you a clue for your own event.
So our topic goes with models, actress, royals and musicians.
Jennifer Aniston’s wedding ring looks to be Cushion cut or Oval shape diamond, mounted in a classic halo design. What’s more ,the stone features a yellow-gold setting, which is the latest trend in European. So if you want to engage in 2013, you can choose the yellow-gold style.
Blake Lively- Wedding Ring more than 2 million
Blake lively flashed her diamond ring as well after she married with the pretty boy Ryan Reynolds. The huge pink diamond set on a glittering rose gold and diamond band is really dramatic.

Beyonce – The crazy 18 carat ring.
BEYONCÉ - The star reportedly became engaged to rapper Jay-Z in 2008, and the pair married later that year. The ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz, features a large emerald-cut 18-carat diamond at its centre.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway married her finance Adam Shulman. The unique diamond ring is designed by her husband himself.

Angeline Julie
After almost 8 years dating, finally Angeline Julie engaged to Brad Pitt in 2012.The ring features a tablet stone at the center, designed by Brad Pitt and his jeweler friend Robert Procop.

Queen Elizabeth- Royal Wedding Ring
 Elizabeth engaged with the princess Philip in 1946 and they got married the following year. The ring features a three-carat diamond solitaire flanked on each side by five smaller diamonds, all set in platinum.