Thursday, December 27, 2012

Worst Dressed 2012-----The Most OMG Celebs Wears

2012 has almost gone, at first, everyone, I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all. Today I will continue with the topic of fashion. Do you think that 2012 is just another surgeless year for fashion world? Not really. On the carpet, there are always many catastrophe which will make people burst into crying. Here I collect the most bizarre carpet appearances of those celebs. Now let’s vote for the ugliest appearance of 2012. Here we go. ( At the same time, the billboard official site has also launched a poll for the worst dresses of 2012, you can visit the site to vote.) worst dressed 2012 
 Justin Bieber At American Music Awards with Saggy Red Leather Pants. It seems that Justin Bieber has raised a great reputation among those teenager boys and girls. But that doesn’t mean I am agree with his super fantastic fashion taste. From unveiling his pink briefs on the street frequently to the dramatic heightened shoes, Justin Bieber’s appearance can always drive me crazy. At American-Music-Awards 2012, Justin Bieber continue his fatal matching. Black vest, red leather pant, flamboyant red shoes, what style do you want to show? What I want to say is that though Justin Bieber ,you are a popular diva, you shouldn’t hurt your Lori fans. justin-bieber-pink-underwear Worst-dressed-2012-Justin-Bieber 
 Marc Jacobs Sheer Lace Dress As a well known fashion designer, Marc Jacob knows the power of a good man dress. He paired his with clean underwear and pilgrim shoes. But what kind of style do you want to present ? Sexy? Glamorous or ? Black Lace Dress For Man 
 Lady Gaga Alien Pod What Lady Gaga wears can always become the talk of the town. Maybe just as what Lady Gaga says she is a monster. When she announced the launch of her new fragrance – The fame, she picked a spray tan, a blowout, an Herve Leger dress , and some Louboutins. But this super modern look really shock us. worst-dressed-2012-Lady-Gaga
Nicki Minaj’s Religious Robes At Grammy Awards
 In addition to Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj knows better about how to make herself look strange. If there is not a large Versace logo on the robe, I will never learn that the gown was presented by a famous designer. Glossy red gown makes her look like a cardinal, or maybe Nicki Minaj wanted to play the role of little red-cap.
Angelina Jolie
 I Know that Angelina Jolie is sexy. I know prom dress with high slit is high fashion. But do you find anything wrong with the photo listed here. Maybe Jolie herself is too earnest to show her beautiful leg. high-slit-prom-dresses-2013 
Florence Welch's Giant Tiers
Florence Welch looks like a fancy jellyfish with the lace gown.  
 Eden Wood
 Hey girl! You are still only 7 years old. You are not suitable to the aggressive ruffle dress.
 Miley Cyrus No Pant Look
 Sacha Baron Cohen's "Dictator" Get-Up LmnhNXNlJVpl 
 Lena Dunham's Pantsless Moment 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Gossip Girl's Wedding Styles & Blake Lively's Wedding Details

This week, to the fans, there is a good news and a bad news. The well known TV series—Gossip Girl, finally revealed its finale. The good news is that it turn out to be a happy ending, you don’t have to feel worrisome about the complicated relationship between Serena, Dan, Nate, Jenny ,Blair and Chuck, while to a great pity, what to look forward to in the next week? Oh, forget that, just pay attention to what you own today. At the end of gossip girl, the most unforgettable scenes must be the two wedding ---- a hasty propose marriage of Chuck to Blair, a happy wedding between Serena and Dan. As the fashion icon of upper east side, no matter the wedding in the TV or the wedding in the Real life, their choice must be the fashion guide of people all around the world. Today , we just want to talk about gossip girls’ wedding fashion. By the way ,as further details of Blake Lively wedding revealed , we will post the best of Blake Lively’s Wedding as well. gossip-girl-style gossip-girl-finale 
 First let’s move our eyesight on the wedding in the TV. In the gossip girl’s finale, Blair wore a suit of long blue prom dress. Flattering cut with flowing chapel train, lace hollow design looks very beautiful. Furthermore, as the Queen of Manhattan, the dress is gorgeous as well. The water blue face embedded with shinning crystals, make the whole appearance even more stunning and eye-catching. The dress comes from the Elie Saab’s spring 2012 couture. Actually in the last season, when Blair held a royal wedding with the French Prince, the ivory wedding gown is also gorgeous and stunning. By the way, at that time, as the bridesmaid ,Blake Lively, Serena, choose a one shoulder pink bridesmaid dress. gossip-girl-wedding-fashion Blair-Style Gossip-Girl_s-100th-Episode-Blair-wedding vera-wang-bridesmaid-dresses-2013 
 To Serena, Blake Lively choose such a gorgeous gold wedding gown when she married Dan. Strapless gold corset with flaring chiffon skirt. The Splashy gold-dipped gorgeous Chakra creation was a total cleavage vehicle. Gold-wedding-dresses-2013 fashion-wedding-dresses-2013 
 Then let’s get back to the reality. Blake Lively got married with the famous Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds this September. It is such a super mysterious wedding. But luckily we can get a little clue from the information revealed. From the picture, we can find that the wedding is just a rustic wedding. The Marchesa  wedding gown was designed by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Blake Lively’s friends. And the wedding shoes were provided by Christian Louboutin. From the picture revealed ,Blake Lively picked a white tulle dress. Furthermore, we can find that the dress is decorated with gold sequins. The bouquet is dipped with roses, lilacs and hydrangea. The guests were treated with strawberry shortcakes, lemon tarts and s’mores bars. In the center of the dessert table, there was a” Vanilla and sour cream wedding cake with peach apricot preserves and Earl Grey-milk chocolate buttercream made by Maggie Austin Cake in Alexandria, Virginia. blake-lively-wedding-photography blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-wedding-inline blake-lively-ryan-reynolds-wedding-desserts-inline 
 So in the forthcoming 2013, if you are planning for your wedding ceremony, you can follow the guide of gossip girls. Xoxo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 5 Prom Dresses For Christmas

Christmas, holiday, great time to attend different kinds of parties. From office party to afternoon lunch bash, from family party to formal VIP reception, you should elaborately select your dresses and accessories. Here I picked a collection of chic and stylish prom dresses 2013 for you .Hope you like them.

1、 Red Long Sweep Train Prom Dresses

Flamboyant red couldn’t be better to accent the festival atmosphere. Glossy chiffon fabric reflecting silk-like luster. Flattering cut define your silhouette, long sweep train flowing effortlessly , attaching strong elegance. Suitable for formal evening party.
2、 Floral Red Short Cocktail Dresses

Cute and fun. Flattering cut modify your shape. Flowery skirt is known as the latest style. Gorgeous sequins on the sweetheart neckline are really eye-catching. Suitable for cocktail and other occasion. By the way, if girls going out at night with this dress, don’t forget to put on long wind coat.
3、 Cute Sleeveless Short Red Prom Dresses

Cute mini dress embellished with the latest fretted fashion elements. Woolen fabric can keep you from the severe cold weather. You can wear it to the attend your family party. The casual style is not only comfortable and stylish.
4、 Stunning Red Beaded Short Dress

 Dramatic and interesting. The short dress covered with shinning green sequins. B   at-like silhouette is very cute. Suitable for both slim and full. When you attend the lunch bash, you can choose this dress.
5  Santa Costumes

   The last one is the one I want strongly recommend to you. Actually this is not a prom dress. Just Santa Inspired costume. But as a matter of fact ,the dress couldn’t be better to be worn at Christmas. White and red hat decorated with fuzzy elements. Bold low neckline effusing timeless femininity. 
That's all. Which one do you like best?
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