Monday, May 20, 2013

Katrina Bowden Tied The Knot With Ben Jorgensen

Engagement period: Ben and Katrina are shown on the red carpet at the Screen
Actors Guild Awards in January 2012 when they got engaged

Congratulations on Katrina! The “30 Rock” star, Katrina Bowden married  the musician Ben Jorgensen after getting engaged before a year and a half.  I think lots of boys may feel very sad to hear that “hot Cerie” is off the market! Unluckily, it rained heavily on the day of their wedding. But it still romantic , isn't it?
The new couple planned the wedding personally, and she describe the experience as "overwhelming".What's more, Bowden also decided to do her own hair, in a style she describes as "up and kind of messy, kind of like a chignon." 

Messy Chignon Hairstyle

While Katrina Bowden hairstyles are followed by many people.Now let’s browse some hairstyles Bowden attend activities with.

Katrina Bowden arrives at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards

Katrina Bowden Long Side Part - Katrina Bowden Looks

Katrina Bowden Cerie

Katrina Bowden Blonde Ponytail

Katrina Bowden Wavy Blonde hairstyle with Side -Swept bangs

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