Thursday, September 20, 2012

Best Destinations For Honeymoon

In general ,after the wedding ceremony, the new couple would spend a rather sweet honeymoon. But have you decided where to go ? In this article, I will share several holy lands for honeymoon.
Verona ,Italy1) Verona ,Italy-The Balcony Where Juliet Listening to Romeo 
As one of the most historical and beautiful cities in Italy, Verona raises a great reputation since Victoria’s times as the well-known writer – Shakespeare mentioned here in his master piece-“Romeo and Juliet”. Here is the hometown of Romeo and Juliet. Naturally, here is deemed as a great romantic resort.
 Home of Juliet is located in the downtown, Perot Road 27th in which a bronze life-size statue is placed. It is said that if you touch the right bust of the bronze statue, you will get perfect romance. At the left side of the statue, here is the marble balcony where was the dating place of Romeo and Juliet. At the gate wall , there engraved with numerous best wishes for the romance. Besides, the churchyard of Juliet is one of the most flourishing landscapes in Verona. According to the drama, Romeo and Juliet got married here. So every year, various young people flooding here to spend their honeymoon in honor of the inviolable romance between Romeo and Juliet.

  2) Cologne, Germany – Listening to the gospel from God The history can be dated back to 1c BC, and it gain such a reputation as “Northern Roma”. Various church buildings are seen as "Jerusalem of the North". Churches, are known regarded as the guardian of nuptial. According to the tradition, people make their promise of living together forever before Jesus. The Cologne measures 157 meters high, where is thought to be the nearest place to heaven. Here the valentines can listen to the gospel of god.

  3) Obidos, Portugal – Wedding Paradise Obidos, which is located in the north of Portugal, used to be present of king Don Dienes to her princess, so here is thought to be the city of wedding. Portuguese and even couples around the world compare the city to the starting line of marriage.

  4) Cheju Island, Korea – Romance World Cheju island, located in North Korea, is full of romantic atmosphere all the year round. With irresistible glamour, the place is thought to be the best destination where the new couples would like to spend their honeymoon.

  5)  Casablanca – Classical White City Casablanca, the word origins from Spanish, means “white house”. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco. The homonymous Hollywood film make the city even more famous.

 The well-known music lingering around our eyes which evoke us the memory of good times. White wall mirrored the faces of Rick and Issa. Handsome but flirtatious man, beautiful inamorato and boundless flames of war. When it is hopeless, nothing is more meaningful than fall in love. No matter what happens even the city ruins, my love will never change.

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